eyebrows: £12.50
upper/lower lip: £7.50
Nasal: £7.50
chin: £8.50
lip & chin: £10.00
neck: £12.50
chin & neck: £16.00
sides of face: £9.50
full face incl. eyebrows: £25.50
full face excl. eyebrows: £18.50
Ask For the Waxperts


Lower legs: £21.50
Upper thighs: £21.50
¾ legs: £25.50
full legs: £34.00
buttocks: £10.50


underarms: £12.50
forearms: £13.50
full arms: £21.50
Waxperts 2


chest or abdomen: £14.00
chest & abdomen: £22.00
stomach line: £6.50
shoulders: £11.50
½ back: £14.00
full back: £22.00


standard (a quick tidy up of the sides): £15.00
sicillian (tidy up of sides & top): £20.00
'cheat' brazilian (leaves a central strip & clears underneath!): £25.00
'true'brazillian (leaves a small strip at the top & clears everything else!): £35.00
hollywood (everything - if you dare!): £40.00


Save 20% on any 3 areas incl legs, body, arms & bikini when taken at the same appointment, e.g. hollywood, underarms & lower legs normally = £48.50 with 20% discount = £38.80

Please Note:

Treatments are priced accordingly taking the following into condsideration:

  • The correct product being used on the correct areas: Waxperts Hot Wax for all sensitive areas (facial, underarms, all bikinis and certain backs and chests, depending on the hair type) and Waxperts Strip Wax for larger surface and non-sensitive areas(arms, legs, certain backs and chests, depending on the hair type).
  • Product used
  • Technique: therapist has trained with Waxperts, skill level will be quite high
  • No double-dipping: a high standard of hygiene

To price accordingly, therapists should value their TIME, PRODUCT and SKILL.